There are dozens of way to promoteawareness of mental and emotional health on campous and to connect
more students at risk with support services including:-

  Increase staff at campous and community mental health centers.

  Eliminate obstacles that students face in accessing mental health services, such as inconvanient appointment hours ,poor confidentiality, or         high cost.

  Train faculty , staff, and students in mental health, how to recognize the signs of psychological distress in themselves and others, how to         reach out to the students of concern, and how to motivate them to seek help

  Provide on-campous accomodations for students receiving treatment.

  Facilitate development or continuation of peer-operated support groups.

  Include information about available mental health resources on the school’s official website as well as on campus materials and in events.

  Collaborate and support student clubs to inform students about available support services, and reduce stigma.

  Provide awareness and strategy to build a safe distance from substance abuse.